Who we are

Who we are

​​​​​​​Wayne Walker

Family connections and values

I have lived in the Albany Ward since the early 1980’s.  Over this time I have been an active participant in the community, through work, sports, clubs and as a leader of local North Shore and Hibiscus Coast groups.  We have two children who have attended local schools at Whangaparaoa and Westlake Boys and Kristin School on the North Shore.​
I have taught at a number of North Shore and Hibiscus Coast schools including Long Bay College, Northcote College and Orewa College over the last twenty years.  With wife Julie I have been active in early childhood through Playcentre where Julie has also been a field officer and is now an early childhood teacher.  A keen sportsman I play tennis and coached soccer.  Two years ago as a member of Toastmasters I competed as a NZ finalist for impromptu speaking.
Well before serving the community as a Councillor I stood up for and led actions on a number of important issues that were vital for not only local people but the wider community.   
I have worked with many community clubs, churches, trusts and societies to build and strengthen the fabric of our communities.  This includes advocating and assisting the youth and seniors of our communities, helping initiate activities that make for healthier more vibrant communites with things to do that are life-building.  As a trustee for the Whangaparaoa Hall I have ensured that many thousands of residents of all ages are able to participate in a range of activities from art classes, dance, drama, rock & roll, martial arts, youth bands, and a place for meetings for many community groups and diverse activities from gardening to giving blood.
Here’s a snapshot of some of Wayne’s background, prior to serving as a Councillor for 10 years:

1956:  B orn in Auckland
Grew up in Mount Roskill, then One Tree Hill
1969 - 1970:  Attended Mount Albert Grammar School
1970 - 1974:  Attended Auckland Grammar School
A Bursary
Mount Albert Grammar: athletics team, tennis, soccer
Auckland Grammar: tennis, rugby
1975 - 1978:  Attended Auckland University
Graduated with a  B.Com in Management and Organisation (1979) Project Management (2000)
Management accountant while at University and through to 1980
1980 - 1987:  Owner manager garden centre and landscape team
1988 - 1999:  Owner manager Eco New Zealand: product development, design, manufacture, sales and consulting.
Projects included: water conservation & gardening products, backflow prevention and water-saving for large clients like Auckland Hospital, North Shore Hospital, Ports of Auckland, teacher at community education programmes in landscape design, sustainability, lateral thinking, large scale landscaping projects, author of publications, writer for magazines/newspapers including North Shore Times, featured on national television including 'Living Earth' and radio.
2000 to present:  Rodney District Councillor (three terms)
Council representative on Northern Busway, Regional land Transport Committee, Regional Growth Committee.
Council Planning Commissioner for Resource Consents
Past C hairman of various Council committees over three terms including Economic Development, Strategy.
Championed governance improvements on Council, parks purchases, stormwater and sewage upgrading, public transport and roading improvements, youth facilities, Travel Planning, Zero Waste,  Waicare, walkways and cycleways.
Past junior coach and committee member Hibiscus Coast Association Football Club.
Tennis player, past committee member Wainui Historical Society, past organiser Red Cross Collection (Hibiscus Coast), past president Whangaparaoa Residents & Ratepayers Assocn.  Trustee Whangaparaoa Community Trust which runs the Whangaparaoa Hall.  Supporter of numerous clubs and societies.  Past founding chairman ‘Guardians of the Coast’ – North Shore/Hibiscus Coast group that battled the largest landfill in New Zealand at Okura. Past member Community Patrols. Member Enterprise North Shore, past member Auckland Chamber of Commerce.
Member Toastmasters including New Zealand finalist in impromptu speaking.


John Watson

Family connections and values

I’ve lived on the North Shore and Hibiscus Coast virtually all my life (and feel quite fortunate to have done so). So has my wife. She was brought up in Campbells Bay and went to Rangitoto College ( most of her family are all scattered down through the Bays). Our eldest girl went to Long Bay College. Our youngest children go to KingsWay School where their mother is a language teacher.
Family values  are important to me as they are to most people. This new council has its part to play in helping to promote safer communities and in providing improved facilities for people of all ages. That is in everyone’s interest - it always is. This ward is a great place for people to live and bring up their families – that’s why so many people are coming here. It’s also why the provision of community facilities needs to keep pace with the growth.
Successful communities are a lot more than a collection of suburbs connected by main roads and shopping centres.  They are where people meet, take their kids, exercise, play sport or just take time out to read a book at the library.
There’s been the suggestion in some circles that councils need to step back from the provision of such community facilities. We disagree…strongly. They are the very things that add to the quality of all our lives and which bring us together – as individuals, as families and as a community.   

One of the real difficulties facing voters in what is now such a huge ward is finding out a bit about the candidates who’ve thrown their hats in the ring. In short, who on earth are these people and what have they done ?

Well, at the risk of going overboard, here’s a biography of my 40-odd years or so living on the North Shore and Hibiscus Coast, prior to serving as a Councillor for three years and teaching at Albany Junior High:​
1959 - 1961: B orn in Scotland and family emigrated out to NZ in 1961 (lost accent at 18 months).  

1962 - 1972:  settled on North Shore, attending Birkdale Primary and Intermediate Schools .

1973 - 1977Attended Westlake Boys High School
Head Boy Westlake Boys High School 1977
Captain of 1st XI cricket 1976-77 and Senior Athletics  team, 1st XV Rugby 1976-77

Senior Prefect 1976, Head Prefect 1977.

1978 - 1981Attended Auckland University
Senior Prize in History (1980)
Graduated with an M.A (Hons) in History (1981)

Captain of Northcote Rugby Club’s U 19’s, U 20’s and U 21 teams
Played in Birkenhead Cricket Club’s Premier team 1976- 1980, Grafton Cricket Club 1981-1987.

1983 - 2003Teacher of English and History at Glenfield College  (1983 – 2004)
Dean of Forms 3-7, Outdoor Education Co-ordinator, Project ‘K’ Director, Liberal Studies Director, coach of numerous sporting teams in rugby, cricket and rugby league.
Played for Northcote Tigers Rugby League Club 1982-1988
Premier team captain of Northcote Tigers 1986
Glenfield Rugby Club Senior Team 1987
Hibiscus  Coast  Cricket Club 1988- 2007 Captain 1989- 95

2002:  Awarded a Royal Society of NZ Teachers Fellowship (wrote a book called ‘The Forgotten Men,’ the true story of a bomber crew which perished while serving with the  Mediterranean Allied Air Force during WWII).

President of the Whangaparaoa Residents & Ratepayers Association 2003
Trustee Whangaparaoa Community Trust since 2004

2004 -  2007Elected Rodney District Councillor
2008:  English teacher at Albany Junior High School

2010 Awarded Royal Society of NZ Teachers Fellowship to produce a written and    oral history of the Whangaparaoa Peninsula.​​

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