What we will do for you


What we will do for you


- the original selling point for the 'Super city' was increased efficiencies and reduced costs
- that original justification has disappeared off the radar
- we will put 'reduced costs to ratepayers' firmly back on the agenda
- that means an end to the continuous cycle of rate increases year after year - people cannot afford them !
Safer communities
- we will support initiatives to make our communities safer to live in
- this is an ongoing concern across the ward with many people
- vandalism and anti-social behaviour are both a financial and social cost
- in other parts of Auckland innovative responses have been successful
- we can't afford to just accept it – the problem needs to be confronted

Community facilities
- this whole ward is growing... and fast – it needs  community and recreational facilities to keep apace
- we believe that this is an important part of the Council’s business – it’s what binds communities together and adds to our quality of life
- we will oppose any move to privatise community assets

- protecting and enhancing our natural environment is important – now and for future generations
- we will ensure water quality at our beaches and streams is of highest standard - and extend Project CARE
- we will push for more playing fields, open space and bush reserves for all our communities
Financial policy

- a fair and equitable system of dealing with the present debt levels of the 7 councils needs to be established (North Shore for instance has a debt of $5,500 per ratepayer whereas Waitakere's is  $11,400)
- it would be unfair if North Shore had to pay higher rates as a result of all the other council's debt being lumped into the one big pool and the North Shore rates going up as a consequence. 
- Park & Ride at Silverdale (currently 200 Rodney residents park at Oteha Station) is needed now
 – a light rail network to the CBD and airport (utilising the Northern busway corridor) should be developed
- continue to develop cycleways and walkways 
- integrated ticketing for buses with lower pricing to encourage greater use
- develop the current ferry services for North Shore and Gulf Harbour with a view to establishing a connected run down the Bays including Browns Bay and Takapuna

Economic growth

- local businesses and employment need to be encouraged with strategic planning – so do 'work from home' opportunities
- the real potential for sustained economic growth needs to be harnessed in those areas zoned for commercial/light industrial activities
- we want more employment opportunities on the Shore
Civil Defence

- ensure adequate planning and preparation is in place for major disasters including earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruption - all of which may hit Auckland and especially the Albany Ward.
Local Boards
- we will push for the local boards to be given more powers
- they are crucial to ensuring the community’s voice is heard.  We support community driven 'Village Planning'. 
- clear lines of communication have to be established from local communities to the Auckland Council

Putting the People of our communities First will guide all our policies

Working together as a team

Wayne Walker and John Watson have known each other for the best part of 10 years.  During this time they have repeatedly gone into bat for often quite different groups within the community.  "Wayne's willingness to stand up for people hasn’t always endeared him to the 'powers that be' but he's always had the strength of character, the conviction and the right  information to advance the interests of the people he represents." 

A good example was the 8 acres of prime coastal parkland at the Gulf Harbour marina that the council was determined to lease to a developer to build 300 apartments on.  It was a done deal - the mayor had announced it in the local paper and that was that.  People knew what was happening was wrong but felt powerless to intervene.  Wayne challenged the council officialdom, engaged his own legal advice and co-ordinated a public campaign to save this  park for the public.  It took 6 long years of hard work but he was ultimately successful in saving this iconic parkland.

Over the years Wayne and John have developed a good partnership both within council and out in the community.  Between the two they combine a business, educational and sporting background. They have been involved in the community at the grassroots level throughout the North Shore and the Hibiscus Coast.  They have widespread family, sporting and work connections throughout this entire ward which keep them in touch with what people are thinking.  They are totally independent of any vested interests.

"We believe that the two of us within the Auckland Council will form a united and formidable combination totally committed to putting the people of this ward first.  We will put people first."​

Vote Neil Miller for Waitemata District Health Board

Neil says, "I am asking you to put me as your first preference to make the Waitemata District Health Board work for you and your family."

Neil has many years of professional leadership experience in community health.  He holds a degree and MA from Oxford University.  Neil works to improve services and increase choices for people who need care.  Neil acts decisively to promote health improvements.  He says, "We need to have good access to emergency and primary services.  We also need healthy lifestyles and communities."

Neil gets things done in a bureaucracy.  He achieves practical, value-for-money solutions and has a strong track record of delivering better services. Neil has led many successful projects and won support for local initiatives.  He has worked for Rodney and North Shore Councils.

Neil organised the "Passing Go" conference on the North Shore last year, which was a huge success and described as, "A defining moment in the future makeup and direction of the new Auckland Council." 

"Central government must invest the $12 billion of social spending in the region on solutions that have their roots in local communities or we will continue to see poor returns," said Neil. 

"Passing Go" was supported by Raeburn House, North Shore Community and Social Services and existing Councils.​