Campaign Archive (2007)

Stepping up for the Mayoralty

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  • Stands up for resident and ratepayer concerns
  • Approachable, positive, clear, constructive
  • Passionate about Rodney – people, places
  • Affordable Rates
  • Tight control on projects
  • Liveable, sustainable communities

Wayne Walker is stepping up to run for the Mayoralty after serving Rodney for two terms as full-time Rodney Councillor.

Wayne’s experience as a councillor has given him a comprehensive and thorough understanding of Rodney’s communities and the district as a whole.

Wayne has a real insight into the aspirations and concerns they have – and how to make council respond to these.

One size doesn’t fit all. Each community can achieve a liveable, affordable and sustainable lifestyle for their residents and ratepayers.



Wayne and family have lived in Rodney on the Hibiscus Coast for more than 23 years. His family enjoy the Rodney lifestyle, beaches and community. He has a track record of caring and action on issues which affect our quality of life.

Always available, full-time, he presents positive, practical solutions to Council and community.

Wayne has a university commerce degree in management, organisation and project management. His commercial background is in retail, manufacturing, product development and project management.

Family Support

Wayne is lucky to have an understanding and supportive family. Wife Julie is a people person wellknown in local Playcentre and tennis circles. Wayne enjoys competitive tennis, Toastmasters and is a supporter of many Rodney clubs and societies.

Business and Farming Support

The rural part of Rodney is an important earner and so are the busy commercial, industrial and shopping areas around Rodney. Too many Rodney people travel out of the area to work. Wayne will work hard to turn that around.


Putting People and Communities First

Wayne has stood up for residents and ratepayers when developers are bending or breaking the rules. He supports the integrity of the Council’s District Plan. It is his view, and shared by many in the community, that development should follow infrastructure, not be led by it.

It is essential that existing communities are consulted genuinely in advance. After all people generally come to live in Rodney for the lifestyle. The last thing they want is for that lifestyle and their property values to be turned upside down. They need a Council that will play fair.



Penlink and Other Big Projects

With Wayne the community call the shots. He’ll listen and work to their direction. Where big projects are involved and big money Wayne looks extra hard to make sure residents and ratepayers aren’t exposed to cost overruns, risk and excessive borrowing.

Wayne voted against the Council’s Mad Butcher purchase – there was no proper property valuation, strategic reasoning or building report. He questioned the costings of the Hibiscus Coast Sewerage Project. He and fellow Hibiscus Coast Councillors John Watson and Colin MacGillivray wanted better project management over the Whangaparaoa Road works – which turned into a daily fiasco for Whangaparaoa residents.

Wayne has supported Penlink – at no cost to ratepayers and minimal risk; Council Policy. Because the project has been held-up through Government legislation, funding difficulties and the time taken by Council to prepare the required business case some people look for a scapegoat.

Wayne is not a rubber-stamp, he’ll ask the questions you’d expect him to if it was you. Its your money that Council is looking after and you need to know its being looked after.


In discussion with a concerned Snell’s Beach resident

Sustainability for the Future

Support for Youth, the Elderly, Community Groups, Sports Clubs

Wayne recognises that the clubs, societies, sporting groups and huge number of volunteers are vital to Rodney’s communities. Wayne will lead initiatives to strengthen this vital fabric of Rodney society. Community Policing initiatives and activities for youth can save Council and community many hundreds of thousands of dollars in vandalism, graffiti and property damage.

Bringing Rates Down and Tighter Control on Projects

Rodney rates are too high and they’re going higher. Wayne has consistently voted to bring rates down and substantiated how this can be done by reducing capital and running expenses.

Getting control of Council spending, reducing rates and lowering debt comes down to decisions. Making the sensible decisions on projects. Ensuring that the day-to-day running costs are as efficient as they can be.

This will require Teamwork on Council by Councillors, teamwork with the Council Staff and with the Community.


Successfully campaigned for parks at Puhoi and Pakiri



Teamwork starts at the top. I believe I can make teamwork happen in Rodney. It will also require the councillors to have their fingers on the pulse. Ward based area committees can do that – so you’ve got a match of accountability, responsibility and authority. And we must have a the finance committee we don’t have now.

Rail out West

Rail, busways, High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes, Shuttlebus around Hibiscus Coast, Walking School Buses and Travelplanning for schools, bridleways, off-road cycleways and walkways, North Shore Busway…are all public transport measures that Wayne champions on Council.

Wayne Walker and the Hammerhead Story


Save the Hammerhead

The Hammerhead land is at the tip of the Gulf Harbour Marina. Owned by Council. It has spectacular views to Rangitoto, to Auckland City and the Sky Tower. Huge numbers of Rodney residents and visitors use it for boat launching and catching the ferry.

But the public enjoyment of this precious Council land was going to be ‘gone by lunchtime’ at a confidential Council Meeting of 25th August 2005. The deal on the table was to lease the Hammerhead off for 150 years to a property developer and apartment builder. They were outside waiting to come in and shake hands.

Local papers back in 2003 carried the story about a lease in place and that apartments were likely the best option.

Wayne had done his homework. He presented evidence to show there was no lease, that the development obligation had actually expired. He challenged the Council’s legal advisors and staff. He just managed to get the item deferred so his proof could be checked out.

The rest is history. The Hammerhead has been brought back from the brink and Wayne is confident it will be secured.

A Vote for Wayne Walker is a Vote for the Future

Mayoralty and Council

Wayne is standing for the Mayoralty and as Councillor for the Hibiscus Coast. It is important that Hibiscus Coast voters give Wayne the tick twice – one vote for the Mayoralty and one vote for Council. If Wayne wins the Mayoralty then a Hibiscus Coast Council position becomes vacant and the next highest polling candidate is appointed.

A Personal Message from Wayne Walker

My track record over more than two decades is of service to Rodney – its people, communities and places. I haven’t appeared out of the blue, rather I have been there working with people to help them and their communities achieve their aspirations.

As a Rodney Councillor I’ve done my utmost to represent the community as best I can. I’m an absolutely positive person, I like teaming up with people and that’s what Council should be all about. That’s why I’m standing with other councillors on the Hibiscus Coast as a team – you know that the team I’m with will work well together for your best interests.

You, the people of Rodney are who I serve. Your rates pay the bills. You are also the customers of the Council and deserve to be treated as such. These fundamentals shape my view of Council and what myself and other councillors are there for.

Together, with the support of the community we can achieve terrific things in Rodney. There is much more I could say. Please call me or talk with someone who has met me, I would appreciate it. I value your recommendation.

I believe that success at anything depends on the support of many. I value your support and your vote.


Authorised by Wayne Walker, c/- 717 Whangaparaoa Road.​