Watson and Walker for Auckland Council

Watson and Walker for Auckland Council

Wayne Walker and John Watson are standing together for the two positions on the Auckland Council for the Albany Ward as the “Putting People First” ticket.

Wayne and John are both experienced councillors **who’ve stood up strongly for their communities over the years through **action not just talk. **They’ve not been afraid to take on issues that are important in people’s lives and to **battle the bureaucracy. **If something needs to be done on behalf of the community **they’ll do it.

They call themselves “Putting People First” because that represents what they’re all about. **Honest, open and fair leadership **with community and family values are what they stand for everyone in the ECB/Albany and Upper Harbour – including families, children, young adults and seniors.”

What makes them stand out is that they don’t just talk…**they work with people in the community **to make the council act. They’ve done it before over a range of issues that have made a positive difference in peoples’ lives.

The Albany Ward is now home to over 140,000 people. It is the biggest area in Auckland. It needs two councillors working together if everyone is going to be represented fairly. It needs a team approach.

Over the years John and Wayne have formed such a team – they’ve developed **an effective partnership **both within the Council and out in the community. Between the two of them they combine a business, educational and sporting background with a determination to **get things done. **They are definitely not ‘seat warmers’. At grassroots level they’ve been **involved in communities **right across the North Shore and Hibiscus Coast. They have widespread family, sporting and work connections throughout this ward that help them understand and keep in touch with people.

In this new ‘Super City’ with fewer councillors and much of the council’s work and assets in the hands of unelected boards of directors ***we need councillors with the ability, experience and the determination to ensure that the community’s concerns are heard…and acted upon.

***John and Wayne can provide Albany and Upper Harbour/East Coast Bays with two strong and united Councillors working together to ensure your voice is heard.

*“We believe that the two of us in the Auckland Council will form a united and strong combination totally committed to putting the people first. We do care. We want to get on this Auckland Council to make sure that your interests are taken care of.” ***Your vote will help put John and Wayne into the Auckland Council. They can make it with your help. **Your vote really does matter​.**